How we work


Helping you succeed

Our dedication to entrepreneurs and small business owners is reflected in our innovative approach to finance and accounting. We’ve developed a proven process that has helped hundreds of clients achieve mastery in their financial accounting, more profitable operational models and innovative ways to manage their tax exposure and risk spectrum.

We call it THREE65 Total Care, a one-of-a-kind strategy designed to identify and drive better financial outcomes by helping you:

  • maximize the value of your business
  • get paid for all of the hard work you do
  • build a healthier growing business and a better life

Learn more about THREE65 below or connect with us for more details.


To see right through us

The most successful relationships grow with transparency, intentionality and authentic moments of connection. Our THREE65 Total Care strategy has been designed to make this possible. Here’s how:

  • Every year begins with a plan focused on your future, not your past.
  • Our fees are established for the year, so you know how to plan your cash flow.
  • You get unlimited contact with us because successful outcomes are more likely when there’s clarity, connection and communication.
  • We hate tax surprises, so we monitor your tax balances all year, along with reminders about where you stand.

Collaborative Alignment

Brings goals to reality

Business growth is a result of a collaborative spirit. It is also strengthened by an aligned vision on strategy, issues, processes and people. Our THREE65 tools have been designed to bring this collaborative alignment to reality. They include:

  • Honest conversations about where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going. This is the best way to establish and achieve your goals.
  • Year-end discussions to wrap up what’s been found to support new goals and strategies.
  • Quarterly check-ins to ensure the rhythm is pulsing on your business.
  • Annual (at least) ratio analysis to identify trendlines and explore tactics to improve your most important metrics.


Getting started is easy

Step 1: Let’s Connect

Schedule a free, no-pressure telephone or video call with us. We’re a virtual accounting firm, which means we’re available coast to coast across Canada.

Step 2: Explore & Discover

Once we’ve had our first chat, we’ll set up a discovery session with you. We’ll explore what keeps you up at night and how we can help you to grow a healthy business.

Step 3: Start Growing Healthy

We’ll get to work, forward planning forecasting, monthly check-ins, and so much more. We won’t dwell on the past. We’re planning a prosperous future for all of us.


A promise of excellence

As far as we’re concerned, on time is late. We complete projects when they’re promised and when they’re valuable, not simply by the deadline. Our clients help us keep this promise of excellence by providing the necessary data/support when asked.