Business Advisory


Every hero needs a guide

Entrepreneurs live in the challenge of the moment while dreaming about a prosperous future. It’s tricky to make business decisions from this vantage point. “Should I hire another employee? Adjust my pricing? Is my cash flow healthy enough to buy that equipment? Should I buy a building or continue to lease? How do I scale my business in a calculated, balanced way? What are my next steps?”

Imagine being able to answer these questions with confidence, knowing you’ve got a solid, manageable plan in place to help you navigate toward business success and sustainability. Now imagine that you’ve got a trusted partner to help carry the load as you do it. This is the spirit of our Strategic Advice services. By carefully monitoring your company’s operations, we can guide you every step of the way. We can alert you to pitfalls and point you in the direction of opportunity. We also offer you a crystal-clear picture of what’s working and what’s not so that you have what you need on your journey to a stronger business and a better life


For the business growth you want

Our THREE65 Total Care Strategy wheel is a proven process unique to Ignite. It features three dedicated concepts designed to support you in achieving healthy business growth. The pillars of this strategy are transparency, traction and vision and a service guarantee.

Informed by years of experience and expertise, THREE65 Total Care could be just what you need to identify and drive better financial outcomes for your business.


Strategic advice services

Ratio improvement
Gross margin improvement
Financial forecast
Tax minimizer
Cash flow projection
Interim financial reports
Management reports
Key performance indicators
Business valuation review
Net worth
Estate plan
Will plan
Basic tax assessment
GST reconciliation
Adjusting journal entries review
Payroll review
Should you incorporate
Tax advice
Tax on split income
RRSP contribution
Amortization review
Restructure and reorganize
Debt review
Wages or dividends
Tax estimate
Strategic improvement map
Board of directors
Accounting team structure
Financial plan
Capital Mix
Strategic blueprint
Project achievement map
Adjusting entry improvement
Group Tax Continuity
Logistics checkup
Business Coaching
Group valuation
Annual pay yourself plan
Accountability chart
One year plan